Guiding Victims in Overcoming Their Trauma

It is time to take a stand in helping those that may have been violated and in need of directions in healing from the pain of the past so that "any person" can be the outstanding individuals they were created to be. For several years, we have been supporting victims in their journey to freedom.

To any individual overcoming trauma, but especially to an adolescent mom, decree and declare every single day that you are not an accident, your baby is not a mistake, that your trauma was not a mistake, and that you are heirs to the covenant promises given by God to all, including you! Let go and grab hold of His Righteous Right Hand and become STRONGER and WISER and learn of the God that wants you to look on Him for all your needs!

But first remember, you must forgive the sole or soles that traumatized you. When that happens, and at that very moment, you become free of the bondage that has been dragging you down since that first incident and then God can heal your wounded spirit and heart so you can live and not die from your past!