Overcoming Trauma: Believing I AM

Overcoming Trauma: Believing I AM

Overcoming Trauma: Believing I AMOvercoming Trauma: Believing I AMOvercoming Trauma: Believing I AM

By the Above Everlasting Shining Light of Spiritual Inspiration of Forgiving Others to Overcoming Trauma, You Shall Live!

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Restoration To A Traumatic Adolescent Child (Ages 8-12)

Believing I AM wants to bring the Word of God as a spiritual inspirational highway to every adult or guardian of a traumatized individual and to help them not through faith and religion but through FAITH AND RELATIONSHIP with Your Higher Power by facing the problems and overcoming a great deal of trauma experienced by an adolescent child for healing, restoration, and redemption through His Righteous Right Hand.

And, If by chance, any young female you know that may have become impregnated by such trauma, please let them know that she and her child's lives are so very important to God, who is their Father in Heaven, who created both of them in His image and His likeness. No matter when and how it happened to them and how the baby was conceived, they have to believe in their heart that it was never ever their fault!

In the name of Jesus Christ the Redeemer and Healer, Please Be Encouraged That Believing I AM Is The Key. 

  SAY THIS: "I can no longer allow or believe what goes in this house, stays in this house!"

That's your God given purpose and surprisingly, you and that child's ministry--is to expose what God allowed the devil to do and to help someone else. It is not a secret and surely something that any adult should be covering up! In fact, it is an issue of blood lodging in the wounded heart of that child that is at stake and knowingly or even unknowingly to you, it is wrapped in shame, guilt, condemnation, and disappointment